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What do I need to bring on a trip?

Equipment wise, bike, helmet and shoes. Helmets are mandatory, whatever your opinion on them we have seen enough carnage to be very pro helmets and you will require one to ride with us. On booking you will be provided with a guide kit list to help your trip run as smoothly as possible.


Are there non-riding activities?

The trips we offer are mainly based around the ride, this is reflected in the larger daily mileages and overall trip lengths so therefore there is little to no time for any extra activities aside from the overnight stops in some great cities. Regular riders will be aware of the daily drinking opportunities.





How fit do I need to be for the trip?

This is always the first concern people raise. Our trips are geared to cyclists. Please be comfortable riding in a small group with other riders. If you are out on your bike a couple times a week, then you will do fine and have a great time.


How do you handle guests with varying levels of fitness?

On almost every ride the group breaks up into 2 or 3 smaller groups and you will always have someone to ride with no matter your ability, you will have Garmin GPS computers for navigation and there are no expectations of you so please come and enjoy your ride how you want it to be.


What ride support do you offer?

The van will always be around the riding group, sometimes bringing up the rear and reguarly in front for you to top up water etc. Water is provided on the van along with the use of a spare bike and spare wheels should you need it.





Can I bring my own bike?

Yes, in fact you need to. Unless you are flying in from abroad in which case we can arrange hire bikes you will need to bring your bike. Only one bike please.


Can I use my own Garmin for navigation?

Absolutely, daily routes for your chosen trip will soon be available to download directly from Ride with GPS and will be available when you book.


Im booked on a summer European tour, shall I leave the waterproofs at home?

No, while the weather is generally as you would expect it to be we have experienced bad days now and then on all of the tours so I would advise bringing your bad weather gear so you dont get cold and miserable.